Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Displaying Daily Paintings in the Bank

My local bank has very generously decided to support local artists by featuring their work on a couple of walls. They created a special hanging system with wires suspended from a bar along the ceiling.

They invite me to showcase my paintings a couple of times a year. I just hung a new show this month and this time I was able to incorporate my daily paintings. This is how I did it.

At first I wasn't sure how I could show my daily paintings without framing them all, but after seeing another artist with a similar system I came up with a "hanging ribbon" that can showcase about nine 5 x 7 paintings at a time.
This is how I did it. I bought five yards of black, two-inch wide grosgrain ribbon, the same amount of black, sticky-back velcro and a two-inch wide macrame hoop. I anchored the ribbon through the hoop at the top with a few stiches, and hemmed the bottom. I applied the velcro down the entire length of the ribbon, and stick a small square to the back of the painting. Then I just velcro the paintings onto the ribbon and hang it up. It looks quite nice, colorful and professional.
Each ribbon costs me about $10, that's mostly the cost of the velcro. I haven't figured out how to buy it in bulk. But that is definitely cheaper than framing each piece.

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shanti marie said...

Thank you for posting this idea. I work in watrcolor and could set this up rather easily. Now I just have to get going on my marketing. I think I suffer from poor self esteem at times because I hate to approach galleries, banks libraries or shops. I mean I hate it...