Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Eyes of Van Gogh

I recently came across a website for the film "The Eyes of Van Gogh." It is the story , never told before, of the twelve nightmarish months Vincent van Gogh spent in the insane asylum at St. Remy.

The film explores the theme of an artistic mind in torment, a creative soul in despair, an exquisitely sensitive being ravaged and destroyed by cruelty, wracked by indifference and loneliness, yet desperately seeking to live, to hope, to finish his work, to find a path other than those leading to madness or death.

I would love to see this film, however; the website does not give any information about how to view it.

Does anyone know how to see it? Is it on video?


Paul said...

For those interested is some very-informative background information concerning how and why, during the last seventy days of his life, Vincent van Gogh was able to produce over seventy incredibly-beautiful final masterpieces, the recent historical novel "The Last Van Gogh" (Penguin) by the internationally acclaimed author Alyson Richman provides some amazing insight. The author traveled to the French village of Auvers-sur-Oise on a number of occasions and meticulously researched the period during which Van Gogh lived there, even interviewing a number of the village’s elders, who knew his last muse, Magaret Gachet, the daughter of the homeopathic doctor who was treating Van Gogh at the time. It's truly an amazing novel, beautifully written and I recommend it highly. It just came out in paperback a few months ago. (I got mine at For anybody who loves Van Gogh’s works, this book should prove unbelievably fascinating. [Incidentally, Ms. Richman is also the author of the highly-reviewed novels “The Mask Carver’s Son” (Bloomsbury – 2000) and “Swedish Tango” (Simon & Schuster – 2004).]


Alexander Barnett said...

Thank you so much for your itnerest. The DVD is available thru Paypal. See the home page of

Best regards,
Alexander Barnett