Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Terra Verte Color Chart

I think I'm in love with Terra Verte!
I grabbed a tube of what I thought was Viridian, but was really Terra Verta. The color band on both tubes looked remarkably the same, and as the color name on my tubes is usually obscured by messy paint, I just assumed it was Viridian. Plus when squeezed out, Viridian looks the same as Terra Verte. But when mixed with Liquin to a thin, milky consistency, then washed onto my white canvas, it turned into the most wonderful, muted soft green I ever saw! So different than flashy Viridian. It actually resembles the earthy, gray greens we see so much in the Pacific Northwest.
The next day I made a color chart, and found out that Terra Verte is remarkably adaptable to all the other colors on my palette. It even makes a wonderful gray when mixed with Alizarin Crimson! From now on, I'm using Terra Verte for my greens, forget Viridian.
According to the green page on Pigments Through the Ages, Terra Verte is the french name for green earth.
~la bonté de remerciement pour terra verte~
thank goodness for terra verte!

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Nancy Merkle said...

I've never been a fan of Terra Verte, but your post is inspiring. I might have to give it a second chance!