Friday, July 17, 2009

Plein Aire Painting with Golden Open Acrylics

One Day Plein Aire Painting with Golden Open Acrylics
workshop taught by Corrine Loomis-Dietz
the workshop studio - top
our acrylic palletes - second from top (l-r: Allan's, mine)
Allan painting outside - third from top
Allan painting outside - fourth from top
teacher demonstrating in studio - fifth from top
Allan painting inside - bottom
Both Allan and I want to learn more about acrylics, so we registered for this workshop through Art Media. Golden Open Acrylics are a new product by Golden Artist Colors, designed to stay wet longer than regular acrylics. The workshop provided all the paints, brushes, paper, water and instruction. All we had to do was show up with some rags!
I really liked using these paints. They handled similar to oils, as far as brushing and blending, but I didn't have to worry about cleaning my brushes with thinner, or breathing any toxic substances, or transporing a wet painting. The instructor focused a lot on how economical it is to paint with acrylics when you blend them with medium, due to the per ounce cost of paint versus medium. An ounce of cadmium, for example, costs up to $8, versus an ounce of medium, which costs about $2. Thus, thinning your cadmium red with medium makes it go much farther, without any loss of brilliance or pigment power. Plus, I think the overall cost of acrylics is much less than oils.
Most of the workshop attendees had previous experience with acrylics. However, I've never used them! So it was a really eye-opening experience to create a painting that was dry enough to touch in an hour, yet could be worked over like it was still wet! Amazing. I asked Allan if this meant I was going to have to chuck all my expensive oils and convert to acrylic. He just shook his head! Like I haven't invested thousands of dollars into every type of art supply on the planet already!
Allan said he really liked using them too, because they didn't dry so fast.

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