Friday, August 14, 2009


I should know better than to try and paint without using Artguard! It coats your hands with a rubber-glove like film that prevents paint from staining or penetrating your skin. I try to use it every time I paint. On some days I paint in three or four sessions, so I wash it off in between and reapply.
It's tricky to use the right amount. If you use too much, your hands are slimy, not enough and you don't get enough protection. I use a dab the size of a quarter, and don't put much on my palms, just the tops of my hands, sides of my fingers and fingertips. That way my palms aren't sticky, or sticking to anything. Since I don't usually get paint on my palms, I get it on my fingers, it works great.
Artguard is made by Winsor & Newton. The product description on the Web site says:
A light, non-greasy cream which, when applied to hands before working, forms a
protective barrier against all types of artists' materials. It can be removed
with soap and water or Artgel and also contains moisturizers to condition the
skin and hands.

A jar lasts forever!

~ I will keep the brush happy in my hands! ~

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