Sunday, August 09, 2009

Gridding and Transferring Rhododendron Explosion

Oh my aching back! I'm transferring the 12" x 24" Rhododendron Explosion study onto my 48" x 96" canvas. Square by square; using colored pencils. I'd drawn the grid previously, using a grey colored pencil. I managed to finish the transfer this weekend, so now I'm ready to paint, that is if I can stand up!

However, before I start painting I have to finish another, smaller rhododendron painting, which will serve as the catalyst for this one. I'll work out the painting in steps: blocking in, connecting shapes, adding detail. Then I'll know for sure that my steps will translate into a workable method for the larger canvas. At least that's the plan.

Previous steps:

Final sketch, color study and transfer grid
Sketches and color studies
Canvas preparation
Canvas stretching and stapling
Canvas frame

~ I will keep the brush happy in my hands! ~

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