Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way to go Mabef!

In late August I picked up a Mabef Lyre M11/D easel at Michaels Store for a great price. I desperately needed a second easel to support my 48" x 96" mother-of-all Rhododendron paintings. Mabef easels have never disappointed me. They're sturdy, the wood is good quality and best of all they're economical.

So I was very surprised when after spending two hours assembling my new easel (mind you, I'm artistic, not mechanical) that it was missing a crucial screw part necessary to support my painting. Darn was not the word I used! And a return to the store was out of the question. I'd already spent two hours assembling, who knows how long it would take to disassemble and re-pack.

What to do? Since I'm a blogger and a Tweeter, I snapped a photo and posted it to my Flickr site, then tweeted and dashed off an e-mail to Mabef customer support, which resulted in an automatic reply saying Mabef staff were on vacation until September 1. Double darn.

Now here it is mid September (just a couple weeks later) and this week I was pleasantly surprised to receive a small package postmarked Italia postaprioritario from Cardano al Campo Italy! Enclosed was the missing screw part, mailed to me all the way from Mabef Easels in Italy! They even printed out and enclosed a black/white copy of my Flickr photo, Italian version! Mabef Easel missing part su Flickr - Condivisione di foto! You can see it in my photo (above).

WAY TO GO MABEF! Now that is customer service! I'm blogging and tweeting, so everyone will know that Mabef supports their customers, all the way from Cardano al Campo, Italy to little ol' Kalama, Washington USA.