Saturday, May 01, 2010

Buff Titanium

Titanium Hue coated canvas and board

My next painting, Wedding Dress, will be done on this canvas primed with a coat of Titanium Hue.

To backtrack, I coated it first with five coats of Utrecht Professional Grade Gesso, which I love because I can get away with five coats, while other brands take 10, then one coat of watered down Utrecht Unbleached Titanium Hue acrylic paint.

I'm the artist who likes to get right up close to museum paintings (if museum security lets me!) to see if I can see any canvas weave, texture or initial priming showing through the painting. I've seen the canvas showing through in many Impressionist and Van Gogh paintings. It never seems to be white, alway some kind of buff, tan, brownish color. Either the artist primed the canvas with a tan or pinkish brown sienna color, or initially it was white, but over time discolored to a brown tone.

Wedding Dress has beautiful sunshine shining on some creamy Rhododendron petals. I need to be able to tell how white my whites need to be. Putting white paint on a white canvas can be confusing until you put other colors next to it. With a tan background I'll be able to judge the correctness of my whites more accurately. Plus, I like the idea of painting on a canvas the same color as the Impressionists may have used!

You can see my sophisticated setup for priming canvases above; essentially an old sheet on the floor to protect my studio rug. And in the chair beyond is the ubiquitious studio cat who watches over everything I do (mainly so she can either walk on it, or drop hairs on it later!)

Thank you for the opportunity to share my painting techniques with you!