Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grisaille and Initial Color Block In

Grisaille 'Girl Sleeping' - top
Initial Color Block In 'Girl Sleeping' - bottom
Finished Painting
Tis' the season to start making resolutions. Mine is to focus upon a painting strategy that will define my style.

Thus, a figure work in progress, being shared from start to finish. The success, or failure of this piece will most likely define a strategy. Figures? Florals? Classical? Modern?

My work has always been eclectic, not focused on a single style or subject but rather this-and-that as the inspiration struck me. Was Van Gogh like that? The one constant has always been my love of figures, skin, fabric and ornamentation.

What I've discovered is that in my daily life I'm very concrete, sequential and task oriented, yet in my painting life I jump and skip from one thing to another. This is not effective in producing a body of work that defines my style.

So here is a figure work, rather small, somewhat detailed, and I confess, not entirely my own composition. I'll reveal its origins later. Enough said. In the classical Old Master's style of Rembrandt using earth tones and a modern medium unheard of in his time. She intrigues me, not only because she's mysterious, but because my ability to pull off a successful painting is an unknown quantity! We shall see!

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Bonnie Heather said...

I find I'm much like you but with a little less talent. I like the word eclectic. It's interesting and fun don't you think? I love your work and follow you on facebook. Thanks for the help.