Saturday, February 19, 2011

Using Permanent Magenta as an Underpainting Color

Bowl of Apples - top
Two Apples - bottom
Underpaintings add depth and sparkle to paintings. When done in complimentary colors, underpaintings can add that visual push/pull that makes a painting dynamic.

I'm working on two small paintings of apples. In both, the apples are lit with a cool bluish light. Following the rule of cool light/warm shadow will make the shadows cast by the apples (or bowl) very warm.

To top it off the local color of the apples is warm (either red or a warm yellow).

So I picked my Winsor & Newton Permanent Magenta for the underpainting. It will pop underneath the green apples (because red and green are complimentary) and it will also pop under any cool colors in the painting (like the background) because it is so warm.

It was a joy to smoosh Magenta around with rags and my blender brushes. I could lift it off or add more as needed.

Now that I have a base for these two paintings I'll let them dry before proceeding to the next step.