Saturday, March 17, 2012

Naples Yellow and Permanent Magenta Color Charts

Naples Yellow
Permanent Magenta
It's been ages since I made a color chart. Two of my often used colors: Naples Yellow and Permanent Magenta are almost surreal on their own, but when mixed with the other colors on my palette, create subtle and natural mixtures that I use often when painting flesh, florals or water.

Both are Winsor & Newton Artists' oil colors, my most used brand of oil paint because it's the best, and because I've become familiar with the transparent and opaque qualities of almost all the colors. Running a close second is Royal Talens Rembrandt oil colors. They're rich and the 40 ml tubes are slightly larger than Winsor and Newton's 37 ml size.
  • Naples Yellow is the primary ingredient in my flesh mixtures. Yes, flesh has a lot of yellow in it, but Naples is subtle enough that I won't make my skin look orange.
  • Permanent Magenta is an all-purpose color I use for graying mixtures of blue and green. If you look at the color chart above, you'll see that when mixed with Viridian, it makes the most lovely, smoky violet. You can't get that color any other way!
Here are some of my other color charts, if you're interested: